Latin dancing has been around for such a long time that its influences are seen in dancers across the globe. Its fast, precise, fun and engaging moves have been capturing the hearts and minds of many dance students. Susi's Latin Beat Dance Club is a school of dance that will improve your coordination, sense of rhythm and your ability to wow people every time Latin music comes on.

So take your dancing shoes, and get ready to do some Latin dancing. We look forward to hearing from you, and can't wait to see you hit the dance floor.

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Private Lessons by appointment. 

Call Susi at 604-584-SUSI (7874) for bookings! 


         Lunch-Break or Evening Dance Classes at Your Home or Company Office!

         Private one-on-one or group lessons by appointment. You choose the dance(s), level and number of weeks for your own private course!

         Choose from a wide variety of Latin American, Social and Ballroom Dances. How about a choreography for an event like a wedding?

         Dates and times by appointment

         Call Susi at 604-584-7874 to get a quote on your personalized course!


Class of May 2008 at DC

  •      To pay 4 private individual or group lessons of 90 minutes (or less) at your facility for the $390-Special click: 

  •      Any group size ok!

  •    For Lunch Breaks: Split groups for 2x 45 minute-lessons ok!

  •    Good for any location between Vancouver and Abbotsford (45 km / 45 min radius). Will travel further for just $1 per minute!




Private Lessons by appointment. 

Call Susi at 604-584-SUSI (7874) for bookings! 

  •      To pay 3 one-hour lessons for the $140-Special click: 

  •      Click again and pay only $120 for any additional set of 3 private lessons!

  •    An additional studio usage fee may apply. Call 604-584-7874 for details.










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